Manage your documents and projects better

Alfresco lets you manage, in complete safety and order, your documental flow of your projects.

Your Company's document are very important and every project could have a different managing. Alfresco keeps track of all changes and versions of your documents and lets you assign to a specific user who have to work on it.

Organize your coworkers optimizing the efficiency

 Assign tasks to your collaborators and verify the progress of your projects

Alfresco gives you a full control over activities and projects. You can assign tasks directly to your coworkers, define priorities, verify the development, communicate with them also using your mobile.

Assign selective permissions to users

You can decide how permissions assign to users and also what they can see

To be able to assign different levels of use for coworkers is one of the most important aspect for project managing. All this is possible with Alfresco and this feature to define access rules is very powerful.

Focus on sales and turnover, Alfresco take care of the rest

Alfresco leaves you free to devote your time to customers and sales strategies, organizing the work with fluency and precision. Shall develop strategies and get better results!

Check the status of sales or projects;
Assign tasks or projects to your team and follow the trend;

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